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 This Adventure started in Grebbestad, Sweden in August 2021. Our aim was to sail around the world and still is. Many exciting legs have been done by now and many more still to come. Join us. We have had paying crew several passages and  together we won unforgettable experiences of nature, sailing testing our mettle at sea and memories for life. 

Lady Athena has two guest cabins with room 2 and 3 persons each and berths with extra thick mattresses make your sleep comfortable. She has more room than usual boats with for example standing height throughout the boat and of coarse a guest toilet and shower.

Our tender with 40 hp engine take us ashore safely and fast. We can offer two mountain bikes, snorkling equipment and kayaks if you easily want to explore more. All in order to offer a comfortable journey and meet high expectations.

                                                                                                    Please see upcoming cruises and dates below

Cruise planning Caribbean, 2023 - 2024


                                       Cruise 1. New Years Eve cruise in Bahamas. 29/12 - 7/1 2024, 10 days Area cruise, Nassau

Spend New years Eve in Bahamas with us! You will embark and disembark in Nassau,  north Bahamas. This is a relaxed cruise in the area of Nassau. We will sail as we like and enjoy the surroundings. 

Voyage cost is 2000 usd per person 

                               Cruise 2. Nassau - Turks and Caicos Islands, Bahamas, 10/1 - 22/1 - 2024, 12 days, 400 Nautical Miles

Sail with us in the crystal clear waters of Bahamas from Nassau to Turks and Caicos Islands south of Bahamas. There will be several stops such as at the "Pig Island" and The Thunderball Grotto in the Exuma archipelago, famous for is outstanding beautiful surroundings. The voyage includes both inshore sailing over the "Tounge of the Ocean", Great Bahama bank, offshore sailing including an overnight passage for about two days depending on the winds...  

Voyage cost is 2400 usd per person

                            Cruise 3. Turks Islands, Bahamas  - Colon, Panama, (Via Jamaica) 14 days, 29/1 - 11/2 2024, 850 Nautical Miles

Sail with us from Turks to Colon in Panama. In total 850 nautical miles. We will visit Jamaica on our way which makes a great stop on land to explore Bob Marleys birth town Kingstown and gives a little break from the sea. The first leg is about 300 nautical miles and the second is about 560 nm.

This means that you need to have some experience of being off shore and to be fine with night watches since we will sail during nights as well.
We share all duties onboard and work as a team.

Voyage cost is 2800 usd per person

Cruise 4.  I-land hopping in San Blas, Panamas most beautiful archipelago September - October  2024

We will sail in San Blas during September and October, and you are welcome to join us! If you haven't been here its a must! This amazing low land archipelago is eroding as we speak. See it before its to late.

 The islands are small and made of coral which means that they serve us beautiful beaches with  palm trees and cristal clear turquoise water to snorkel and swim in. On top of that they are surrounded of coral reefs which gives an excellent protection from the swell. Its a sailors paradise for sure.  The area belongs to the Kuna Yala indians who still lives very much as they have done for as long as they have exited. They are very welcoming and friendly people and you will get many chances to get to know their culture for real as you meet them ashore or when they come up to great us with their carved out logs for boats called "ulus".

Its easy to get to San Blas via Panama City. You will have to take a taxi from the airport to Carti where we will arrange to pic you up. We know the area well and where to go to see the most beautiful spots in this paradise. We will snorkel in beautiful reefs and explore the explicit marin life full of healthy corals, fishes, sting rays, sharks, turtles and more. We will visit booth uninhabited and  inhabited islands and stroll around in the villages whith houses made of bamboo and  palm trea leafs.  

Our San Blas cruises are for about 7 to 10 days.

Voyage cost is 140 p/p a day. All food included onboard.  

                           Cruise 5.  Panama Canal  - 4 days, oktober 2024

The canal passage is about 41NM and ends in Panama City on the western side.  Our slot time for the canal transit is not set but will be in beginning of July. We will be notified in good time before. You will then need to be embarked two days earlie.

You need to be able to handle the lines while going through the canal. You do not need much experience of sailing.

Total voyage cost 1000 usd per person

Cruise 6. Panama City - Marquesas, 4000 Nautical Miles, 30 days. November 2024 

This is an open ocean voyage. Its 4000 nautical miles and will take about 30 days, and nights. You need to have a weather window when you plan your trip back home. We  recommend an open plane ticket home since we can't say exactly how long it will take to cross. You need to have good experience in sailing and to be comfortable to be at sea for longer time. You need to know that you really want to and are up for this lifetime adventure and challenge. 

We work as a team on board and everybody needs to be able to do all the duties, as for examplestand watch at the helm day and night, cook for all and to keep the ship in mint condition while we sail. You need to be respectful to our safety rules and the rules in general on board. Please read more under Crew info.

Voyage cost 3000 usd per person

OBS! This is not charter

We work as a team onboard and participate in all duties as for example stand watch, stand at the helm, set sail, work in the galley etc. At the end of our journey we will have a amazing lifetime adventure to remember, and new friends for life.

We have two mountain bikes and two kayaks available for use. Athena is a comfortable spacious boat to live on. she has two guest cabins with two berths each and a separate crew shower and toilet.

We share all cost for the voyage: insurance, food, diesel, custom and immigration fees, cruising fees, harbour fees, maintenance for running the ship. Please contact us for details of costs. All crew is insured for accidents through Pantenius Insurance. Flights are not included.  

*The general voyage cost is 200 usd p/p and day in the Caribbean Sea.

      Welcome onboard on Lady Athena!


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