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We have been sailing the western coast of Sweden and have made many unforgettable memories together with our different crews on the way. Now its time for new horizons and since last year we have been sailing Lady Athena in the Caribbean Sea. We set sails from Sweden in august 2021 and we are heading west, and then further west, with a goal to circumnavigate this globe of ours. Check out our Round the would Launch in the table above and to see our cruise plans! Join us!



"My time on Lady Athena was an utterly amazing experience. Without a doubt I was the neophyte crew member aboard the leg of the journey of which I was a part; regardless, Captain Alf and First Mate Susanne treated me no different than the others - same expectations, same responsibilities, same shared sense of adventure. Organizations of meals, of shifts, of berths, etc was meticulous; and the extensive knowledge of sailing and the ocean that they both have, and shared, made the trip even more satisfying than I expected. I will certainly sail with them again when my schedule permits. If you are looking for a sailing adventure, you'll be glad to chose to sail with them." Stefan Ronchetti, Minnesota, USA, 2024. 

"12 days aboard Lady Athena was filled sea adventures in Bahamas, great crew culture and outstanding seamanship. Having a retired navy captain gave me peace of mind. Trip also included thoughtful food preparation and very well organized itinerary and agenda by our first mate Susanne which gave me memories for life!" Jason Sprayberry, Texas, USA, 2024

"Lady Athena is a beautiful, well equipped boat. We sailed some pretty rough winds but Lady Athena handled these conditions very well. Captain Alf is a seasoned and qualified sailor and leader. Not only being a very competent sailor Susanne is also a well and very welcoming warm host and an efficient manager! Together, the two (Susanne and Alf) made a wonderful team. Me and my sister felt safe the whole journey from Grebbestad to Inverness. It was a great and pleasant adventure!" - Axel Englund, Stockholm 2021

"I would like to mention that I had one of the best times ever sailing with Susanne and Alf. From the time you all received me in the little village in France to Spain where I had to leave you all. The Friendship, food and experience sailing with you all will forever be one of the best. If I did not have to work, I would sail with you all more often." Kiel Thomson, Kentucky,  2021

"Thank you for a great and fun time onboard together, it was an adventure I will never forget!" - Tomas Johnson, Main, 2023

"Thank you so much Alf and Susanne for the good fun and atmosphere on the boat." Jelle Veyt, Belgium, 2023

"I will always remember this journey with Lady Athena with a smile on my face.   I learned so much from the professional captain and mate which given me the urge and self confidence to get a boat on my own". - Augusto Laventi, Florens. 2022

"Everything was really great. The food, equipment, social atmosphere and the feeling of a really good adventure. I had my own big cabin  which was very comfortable. I never had that luxury before! Fair winds and following seas guys!" -  Chad Russell, Oklahoma, 2022

"I had one of the best times in my life on Lady Athena. It was a challenge with handling the the galley duties in the  rough sea and high waves but the mate Susanne helped me out and really showed what team work is all about. I never sailed a boat this size before and the feeling by the helm was remarkable. We sailed under the stars and had dolphins around us several times. In all it was an adventure Im truely happy to have done with you guys" - Anne Michell, UK, 2022

"We spent 7 nights on board the S/Y Athena, captained by Alf Grell this summer, sailing the West Coast of Sweden. We had great sailing in the extremely beautiful archipelago, and highlights of the trip included stunning sunsets, the beautiful Koster Islands, and visiting seals and the lighthouse at the Weather Islands. We enjoyed cooking on board some evenings in the well equipped galley, but also treated ourselves to some excellent meals on shore several nights. The boat accommodated 6 of us extremely comfortably, and its interior below deck is well designed and fully equipped. We would highly recommend Alf as a captain and guide to this amazing part of Sweden." - Nick and Lucinda Fordham, August 2019

"Tusen takk for en veldig fin seilas i begynnelsen av august. Vi takker for fantastisk fine dager på sjøen i din utmerkede båt og med ditt veldig gode sjømannskap. Takker også for din gode håndtering av barna/ungdommen ombord, de synes du er toppen! Takk også for hensyn utvist overfor alle ombord, gode sanger, godt humør og trivelig samvær! Hvordan du tenker å seile neste år kan være fint å få vite i tilfelle det kan passe for oss å booke oss inn. - Beste hilsen Henrik for alle: Jannik, Knut, Markus og Kristian." July 2019

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