Lyrics song and music by First Mate Susanne Isaksson. "Life is now" Written on the atoll Lighthouse Reef outside of Berliz.

Hurricane hole, Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia

Mayreau, The Grenadines

Happy sailors!

Sailing with genacker 

Sandy island, The Grenadines

Surf'n turf & a "Carib", Maraccas beach, Trinidad 

Happy crew behind the helm


Saint Pierre, Martinique 


Bahamas, a superb all naturalswimming pool

 Jasons catch of the day in Bahamas! Golden Mackerel!

 One of the all golden mackerel caught and eaten for dinner at sea , somewhere in San Blas

Tobago Cays, the extra dinghy beached and thighed upby the palm tree

Iles Les Saints

 A beach somewhere in Cuba

Havanna and all the cars!

Cubas country side 

Somewhere in Bahamas

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