What to expect of life onboard?


As experienced yacht Captain and mate wehave learned that the sea can change unexpected and rapidly from calm waters to roaring waves. This can change people and we all need to be fully committed to make our journey enjoyable and safe together, as a team.


We share all duties onboard together with guidance from the Captain and mate. These duties includes:

  • sail handling
  • navigating
  • hand steering
  • cleaning (including heads!)
  • wash dishes
  • maintenance
  • cooking and other galley duties


This is not a charter yacht but an ocean sailing passage. At sea we all take care of each other and don’t expect captain or mate to wait on you. During sailing we serve one hot meal per day. You are free to make your own breakfast, sandwich or snack whenever you choose to.

There is no refunds if you decide to jump ship!

Once you are on board you will be signed on as crew, not a passenger.


Safety on board – always comes first!


First day on board we will have safety briefing for all new crew.  We are serious concerning the safety onboard and expect that you will follow our safety rules.


Safety rules:

  • Always wearing a life jacket on deck during passage
  • Follow the standing orders
  • When to wake the Captain
  • Always ask if you are in doubt
  • Always two on watch during dark hours
  • No alcohol during passage
  • No smoking
  • No drugs
  • No yelling
  • No complaining and always have a positive attitude! =)

 When you are on watch always remember that our lives are in your hands and for Captain and mate to be relaxed and sleep well we need to know that you will wake us if your are in any doubt.

To be a crew you need to be both in physical and mental good shape for all our safety.


Below deck


  • We have two guest cabins. Starboard cabin with two single berths, port cabin with one double and one single berth. There will be no snacking or eating/drinking in your berth.
  • When it comes to personal belongings its compulsory to use soft bags and to but your personal belongings in your berth while not sleeping. Keep this in mind while packing.
  •  You must not put personal belongings in the saloon.
  •  You also need to be prepared to be careful with water consumption, even if we make our own water on board.
  •  Meals and snacks should be consumed in the saloon, galley or on deck.



Sea watch


  • Crew on watch are responsible to wake next watch 15 minutes before time with possible some hot beverage.
  • During dark hours its compulsory to be two crew awake on deck
  • Life jackets are always compulsory on deck.
  • In any doubt of any situation don’t hesitate to call the mate or captain.


Post passage


  • Make sure your berth and cabin is in the same shape when you disembark as it was when you arrived.
  • We all participate to clean the boat on deck and below deck before disembarking.


Deal breakers

If you don’t follow our standing orders and have an offensive behaviour you will be repatriated to your country of residence on your own expense.


What to bring on board

  • Light rain gear
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Sun protection
  • Soft bag for personal belongings. Maximum size cabin bag


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